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Chris Arcand

Ruby developer at Red Hat on the open source ManageIQ project. Spends too much money on keyboards and backpacking gear.

Minneapolis, MN


  1. Deletion Driven Development: Code to delete code!

    A talk about building a static analysis tool to find deletable Ruby code.

    Video (RubyKaigi 2016 | Kyoto, Japan)

    Slides (RubyKaigi edition)

    Slides (North American edition)

  2. Testing in ManageIQ

    A talk co-presented with the very awesome Joe Rafaniello about testing with RSpec in ManageIQ; presented at the 2016 ManageIQ Summit in Mahwah, NJ.

  3. A Comprehensive Degree of Ruby 2.3

    A wide-ranged look at the newly released Ruby 2.3 - covering everything from the pragmatic, blog-popular methods (the safe navigation operator, Hash#dig, etc) to performance increases (HTML escaping is now up to 7x faster!) and the experimental features to save and load instruction sequences for Ruby’s virtual machine.

  4. Git Unleashed

    You’re quite comfortable with Git. You know all the major commands and perhaps even use it professionally every day. Now take the next step to becoming a rockstar of efficiency. A talk about enhancing your Git workflow by bypassing some of its verbose syntax and customizing it to do more for you.