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Software developer at HashiCorp 👨‍💻 Formerly: Red Hat, NBC SportsEngine. RubyMN organizer. OSS, distributed teams, and keyboards. I make pointless connections to Minnesota as a Minnesotan does

Minneapolis, MN

  1. Deletion Driven Development: Code to delete code!

    A talk about building a static analysis tool to find deletable Ruby code. Video (RubyKaigi 2016 | Kyoto, Japan) Slides (RubyKaigi edition) Slides (North American edition) [READ MORE]

  2. The Search For <Class:0x00000027b59290>

    A mostly-ranty little story about finding a phantom call messing up all the pretty green dots in our test output. [READ MORE]

  3. Testing in ManageIQ

    A talk co-presented with the very awesome Joe Rafaniello about testing with RSpec in ManageIQ; presented at the 2016 ManageIQ Summit in Mahwah, NJ. [READ MORE]

  4. I'm moving! A thank you to DC Rubyists

    I'm leaving the DC area, but you can bet I'll be back to visit. A short aside to thank the fantastic DC area Ruby community. [READ MORE]

  5. Don't become an Expert Beginner

    This post is older by now but still so, so important - and this is something that is universal to all learning, not just software development (or bowling!). Erik Dietrich explains How Developers Stop Learning. [READ MORE]

  6. Git autofix for amending Pull Requests

    A quick share of two custom commands for instantly rebasing edits back into their proper commits in your feature branch. [READ MORE]