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Chris Arcand

Open source Ruby developer at Red Hat. Occasional speaker, frequent backpacking and hockey enthusiast, constant husband and dad.

Minneapolis, MN

  1. Don't become an Expert Beginner

    This post is older by now but still so, so important - and this is something that is universal to all learning, not just software development (or bowling!). Erik Dietrich explains How Developers Stop Learning. [READ MORE]

  2. Git autofix for amending Pull Requests

    A quick share of two custom commands for instantly rebasing edits back into their proper commits in your feature branch. [READ MORE]

  3. A Comprehensive Degree of Ruby 2.3

    A wide-ranged look at the newly released Ruby 2.3 - covering everything from the pragmatic, blog-popular methods (the safe navigation operator, Hash#dig, etc) to performance increases (HTML escaping is now up to 7x faster!) and the experimental features to save and load instruction sequences for Ruby’s virtual machine. [READ MORE]

  4. Introducing Dug

    Dug is a simple, configurable gem to organize your GitHub notification emails in ways Gmail can't and in an easier-to-maintain way than large, slow Google Apps Scripts. [READ MORE]

  5. Manually setting languages on GitHub with Linguist's (Improved) Vim Modeline Detection

    Useful even for non-Vim users: You can use Vim modelines to manually set the programming language for a file on GitHub (syntax highlighting, stats) - now with more flexible modeline syntax. [READ MORE]

  6. Why I Strive to be a 0.1x Engineer

    “The times I feel I’ve made most difference to our team’s effectiveness is when I find ways to not build things.“ [READ MORE]