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Chris Arcand

Ruby developer at Red Hat, ManageIQ core committer, a maintainer of, and occasional conference speaker. I spend too much money on keyboards and backpacking gear.

Minneapolis, MN

  1. Don't become an Expert Beginner

    This post is older by now but still so, so important - and this is something that is universal to all learning, not just software development (or bowling!). Erik Dietrich explains How Developers Stop Learning. [READ MORE]

  2. Git autofix for amending Pull Requests

    A quick share of two custom commands for instantly rebasing edits back into their proper commits in your feature branch. [READ MORE]

  3. A Comprehensive Degree of Ruby 2.3

    A wide-ranged look at the newly released Ruby 2.3 - covering everything from the pragmatic, blog-popular methods (the safe navigation operator, Hash#dig, etc) to performance increases (HTML escaping is now up to 7x faster!) and the experimental features to save and load instruction sequences for Ruby’s virtual machine. [READ MORE]

  4. Introducing Dug

    Dug is a simple, configurable gem to organize your GitHub notification emails in ways Gmail can't and in an easier-to-maintain way than large, slow Google Apps Scripts. [READ MORE]

  5. Manually setting languages on GitHub with Linguist's (Improved) Vim Modeline Detection

    Useful even for non-Vim users: You can use Vim modelines to manually set the programming language for a file on GitHub (syntax highlighting, stats) - now with more flexible modeline syntax. [READ MORE]

  6. Why I Strive to be a 0.1x Engineer

    “The times I feel I’ve made most difference to our team’s effectiveness is when I find ways to not build things.“ [READ MORE]