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Chris Arcand

Senior engineer at Software for Good; formerly Red Hat. Co-organizer of RubyMN, maintainer of, and occasional speaker. A Minnesotan who spends too much money on keyboards, ice hockey, and backpacking gear.

Minneapolis, MN

  1. Programming Easter Eggs

    Perhaps these shouldn't be called Easter Eggs - 'programming novelties'? - but the little additions in projects which don't necessarily need to exist are always satisfying and amusing to me. There are a number of them that my colleagues or I have stumbled upon. Here's a little collection I curated. [READ MORE]

  2. Off to Our Nation's Capital

    My wife Emily was accepted into the PA program at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. - and we’re excited to say that she has accepted and we’ll be relocating out east towards the end of April! Leaving home is hard in some ways, and very easy in others. This is a life-changing opportunity for Emily and we’re eager to start something new and experience life outside of the Twin Cities for a while. I’ve always liked the East Coast and I’m pretty pumped to be able to stay there for a longer period of time. I’m also happy to... [READ MORE]

  3. Using Git in Your Gemspec

    Over the past few weeks I've spent a lot of time working on a few of the modules we use here at Sport Ngin - mostly Ruby gems such as Opsicle, our OpsWorks CLI gem. As I've acquainted myself with architecting and testing gems locally, the use of git in gemspecs caught my attention. [READ MORE]

  4. 'What happened to the orchestra?'

    “What happened to the orchestra?” The question hit me hard. As the crosswalk light lit up and we started walking up Nicollet Avenue, I looked at my niece and I thought about the best way to explain it to her. It’s not like I was expecting to answer this sort of question today. Just a fun little day adventure in downtown Minneapolis with my out-of-town niece, showing her the sights and sounds. Frowning, I glanced back over my shoulder at Orchestra Hall (or whatever it was called now - Target Hall, Wells Fargo Auditorium?).  Going for a little tour around... [READ MORE]

  5. Accepted a position at Sport Ngin!

    I'm thrilled to announce that I've just accepted a position at Sport Ngin as a software engineer on their development team. [READ MORE]

  6. Sublime Text Settings and Dotfiles

    There are tons of people who save Sublime Text configuration files in GitHub repositories, and there are tons of people who keep a collection of dotfiles. Maybe it's the difference between Linux and Mac users, but there are not a lot of people who have Sublime Text settings stored in their symlinked dotfiles. The distinction I make is this: Most people that I've found with Sublime Text settings simply clone a 'sublime-text-settings' repository right over the top of the default directory. Under a more Linuxy mindset, you'd have a repo of dotfiles which would contain your text editor settings and... [READ MORE]