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Chris Arcand

Senior engineer at Software for Good; formerly Red Hat. Co-organizer of RubyMN, maintainer of, and occasional speaker. A Minnesotan who spends too much money on keyboards, ice hockey, and backpacking gear.

Minneapolis, MN

  1. Sublime Text Settings and Dotfiles

    There are tons of people who save Sublime Text configuration files in GitHub repositories, and there are tons of people who keep a collection of dotfiles. Maybe it's the difference between Linux and Mac users, but there are not a lot of people who have Sublime Text settings stored in their symlinked dotfiles. The distinction I make is this: Most people that I've found with Sublime Text settings simply clone a 'sublime-text-settings' repository right over the top of the default directory. Under a more Linuxy mindset, you'd have a repo of dotfiles which would contain your text editor settings and... [READ MORE]

  2. Movie Projections using Relational Databases and Classification

    This Spring I worked with Brian Salter and Rich Jeffery to complete a semester long project using relational databases to predict upcoming movie outcomes. We wanted to do something with an exceedingly large amount of data, just for fun - and decided that movies were a good example of something with large amounts of data that would fit well in relations. We came up with a motivation for our research: Using existing data on past movies and available data on upcoming movies, can we accurately predict how well upcoming movies will do? More specifically, using metrics of past movies such... [READ MORE]